Living Inconveniently

Living Inconveniently

A story of Hospitality

Generous living is one of the things I have learned since moving to our home overseas. Our neighbours have been welcoming - adopting us into their family, checking in on us to ensure we are settling in to our new surroundings. They care about our children’s safety and love them like their own. These new friends are the most hospitable people I have ever met.

Our move to North Africa made us realize that we were often consumed with our own schedule and we failed to allow ourselves to be “inconvenienced” by others. It is in the inconvenient moments that the richest relationships are formed.

One of our greatest learning moments while living in our host country took place when we offered to host a birthday party. A friend of mine was talking about how her sister wanted to have a birthday party for her son, but her house was too small to accommodate her guests. I thought this was an amazing opportunity to be a gracious host, especially since God has provided our family with a larger house. I needed to share my space with others. I mentioned to my friend that our house would be available for the party.


Now, to break the news to my husband. The look of worry that came over his face was priceless. He was concerned that they would make a mess, show up late, and overstay their welcome. He took some time to think about it and during those quiet moments, Jesus spoke these words to him “I would host the party.”

This is when it all changed. Even though we stood and watched our guests tape sparklers to the walls, we met a lot of wonderful people for the first time. It was totally worth those moments of discomfort.

During the evening’s festivities, my husband and my friend’s brother had an amazing conversation about faith. Our guest was struggling with his family’s faith tradition. He was seeking something more. He longed for a fresh start and, although he has yet to give his life to Jesus, we continue to enjoy his friendship and pray for him. Is this not amazing?

I am often reminded of this special birthday party and ask myself: what do I need to do to be more welcoming of others? Where do I need my life to be inconvenienced? Who is Jesus putting into my life to graciously host? What eternal conversations are right at my doorstep?

Can I ask you - who is Jesus putting in your life these days? Is it a newcomer to Canada? A co-worker going through some stuff at home? Someone new to your church? Don’t be afraid to be inconvenienced. You never know the fruit that will come off it or the life-changing conversations the stuff a that may take place.

What party is Jesus asking you to host?

E. I am a wife and mother of two. I am a millennial who enjoys baking and chatting with friends and neighbours. My family and I are currently serving with RAN in the MENA region, reaching the unreached.