Your Participation in Prayer Makes a Difference

Your Participation in Prayer Makes a Difference

Meet Phyllis - We thank God for her.

As a child, she learned to pray for God’s mission around the world and knows that prayer makes a difference.

Before the Internet, Phyllis Currie loved to write letters to our missionaries, offering encouraging words. She organized fundraisers at her church - Kings Way Assembly, Quispamsis - and hosted global workers in her home. In 1992, Phyllis travelled to India, fulfilling a lifelong dream to see God’s work.


Your prayers matter.

There is one story that stands out and it happened while Murray and Cindy Cornelius were living in Harare, Zimbabwe. Murray was out of country and Cindy was working alone in the Africa Regional office. One afternoon, nine police officers with AK47s raided their office. They spent hours going through files, making all sorts of threats with one officer holding the rifle on Cindy’s shoulder. It was a terrifying experience, but no one was harmed and there were no repercussions.


On a lighter note, the intruders were intrigued by the Sunday School material in the office and ended up taking it with them.

Our missionaries found out later that at the precise time this was going on in Harare, Phyllis was on her knees in New Brunswick, presenting their names before the Lord in prayer. God is truly amazing!


We value your partnership in prayer.


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