ERDO Turns 36

ERDO Turns 36

Milestones help us chart our journey. They are a way to see what lies ahead on the road, and looking backwards, where we have just been.”

(David Adcock, 2018)


1993 – Defining moment

The massive drought related famine in Ethiopia compels the Canadian church to respond and PAOC establishes Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) as part of the Overseas Missions Department (OMD).

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First Director: Don Raymer


ERDO becomes a founding member with a few other Canadian church denominations and church-based agencies of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), collectively responding to world hunger.

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First year donations to the Foodgrains Bank total $1,032

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Membership of 15 church denominations and church-based agencies

1 billion dollars.

Jim Cornelius, Executive Director for CFGB, reports, “That is how much [we have] provided … to address hunger around the world since being established in 1983.” He adds, “This assistance has helped meet the critical food needs of millions of people whose livelihoods and access to food have been disrupted and destroyed by drought, floods, conflict, economic collapse and other disasters” (, May 3, 2019).

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ChildCARE Plus, ERDO’s child sponsorship program, begins

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ChildCARE Plus, ERDO’s child sponsorship program, begins

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In 2018, sponsorship provides $3.9 million in education, spiritual nurture and other basics of life for 8,200 children in 29 countries.

A future milestone: 10,000 sponsored children by 2022.

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2003 – Defining Moment

ERDO legally incorporated and becomes the humanitarian agency of the PAOC. This increases the ability to respond to international crises.

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Second Director: Kelvin Honsinger

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Third Director: David Adcock

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Program 9 million dollars of aid across 98 programs in 34 countries.

Provide clean water sources to 16,000 people in four countries – Bangladesh, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, and the Philippines.

Distribute critically needed food to 197,247 Rohingya refugees.

Respond to drought and famine across East Africa, supporting 29,330 people through supplementary nutrition and food assistance.

Increase our CFGB income from the first $1,000+ in 1984 to over $3 million.

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Today – Defining Moment

ERDO is named one of Canada’s TOP 100 Charities by MoneySense Magazine and rated #1 in the International Sector. ERDO is ranked by Charity Intelligence as one of the Top 100 Rated Charities in Canada.


“Do good. Seek justice. Rescue the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Plead for the widow.”

Isaiah 1:17, NIV


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Throughout the 100 year history of sending missionaries, we have continuously responded to human need by offering “education, medical services, child care, and feeding programs”

(Thomas Miller, 1994)