... proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ through every available means.

... proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ through every available means.
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Annie Cressman - Translating the Truth

In 1941, with the Second World War in full force, Annie crossed the Atlantic to Liberia. Annie’s passion to put Scripture into the hands of the villagers emerged, inspiring her to produce it in a written form of the Tchien dialect. By 1953, Annie completed the first copy of the Gospel of Mark in the Tchien language and the Gospel of John soon followed (Linda Gibson, 2018).


Austin Chawner - Emmanuel Press

In 1928, Charles Austin Chawner began with a small printing press to publish, print and distribute hundreds of gospel tracts and Bible literature. The demand for Christian material required larger presses. A facility was secured in Nelspruit. In 1976, with helpers from Britain, America, and Canada, an entirely new expanded press complex was built in nearby White River to meet the demands of a nation starving for the truth (Gordon Upton, 2018). Today, Emmanuel Press focuses on literature evangelism to Africa.

In 2016, Emmanuel Press distributed 60,000 Bible correspondence courses and awarded 3,500 certificates to graduates.

Dean and Wendy Skinner are the Executive Directors. Dean’s parents, Robert and Doris Skinner, served with the PAOC at Emmanuel Press in 1954 - 1959 and 1964 - 1972. Linda Duncalfe-Skinner is working with young people in East, Central and Northern Africa, offering discipleship.


God pursues all people – every language, group, every tribe, and every nation – with His love. This is not just a doctrine. It is the mission of a very personal God who “so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16, NIV).


Evangel Publishing House

With many people coming to faith in Christ, it became a priority to have a printing press to print portions of the Bible and other literature, which would be made available to churches.

In 1952, Evangel Press was housed in an old renovated school building at the Nyang’ori Mission near Lake Victoria. A hand-fed, foot-operated press produced pages that were painstakingly, latter-by-letter, assembled to form the page (Gordon Upton, 2018). By 1963, Evangel Press was already printing in twenty-six languages in many parts of Africa, creating a distribution challenge. It was realized that to be more effective, a department of Evangel would have to deal solely with distribution. Two divisions were then created, Evangel Press to do printing and production, while Evangel Publishing House (EPH) oversaw pre-press work and distribution.

In 1976, Evangel Press and EPH were consolidated under one name. By 1979, EPH relocated from Kismu to Nairobi. The Nairobi site is also home to the Pan African Christian College and University. Many global workers were involved in EPH, including Wilbur Morrison, Ann Bowler, Bruce Brand and Cal Bombay.


Voice of Kenya - Radio Ministry

The “Voice of Kenya’s” sole monopoly of the airwaves in Kenya made radio boradcasting a prime tool of evangelism and Christian teaching. With the permission of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God national church, Mervyn and Sheila Thomas spent endless hours in building up this ministry until it became one of the largest Christian radio outreaches in East and Central Africa.

Through this ministry, hundreds of people accepted Jesus as their Savior, as evidenced by letters from India, South Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Ghana and Nigeria (Kathy Bousquet, 2017).

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