Freda Myco

Hope is the Message

Freda Myco
Hope is the Message

Today, in Turkana Hope is the Message.


Hope is the message that God has brought to the people of Loima. Called by God from Ottawa as a young nurse, Deborah Sirijoosign has dedicated over 30 years to the ministry of hope in this remote part of north west Kenya, which was started by German missionary Martin Franz in 1978.

Hope comes through the ever-expanding medical work in Namoruputh and in Lokwatubwa, 15 kilometers into the hills. In 2015, the construction of a new in-patient complex began, along with a larger out-patient department and an administrative building. Through the kindness of Canadian donors, and in cooperation with ERDO, the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (kenya) Church, and the Ministry of Health clients can now receive a wide variety of health services that bring hope for the future. In addition, the Health Center provides vital vaccination and other medical services to the remote, hilly areas of Lioma.

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Hope comes through clean water. Before the drilling of bore holes, villagers had to dig holes in the dry river bed, sometimes 10 feet deep, to reach dirty water for themselves and their animals.

Hope comes through education. Three nursery schools, supported by donors to Child Care Plus, have given a good start to many Turkana children, in an area where there was almost 100% illiteracy. As well as teaching in the three ‘R’s, the children receive food to improve their nutrition, and ability to learn. Many Turkana youth have been supported through secondary school, college and university. Becoming nurses, teachers, nutritionists, social workers, laboratory technicians and more, they can then return to Lioma to help the development of their community.


…to bring the gospel

to every remote area

of turkana, until

all have heard

the message

of hope in

God’s love for them.


All these programs, and more, bring hope of good health and a future in this life. But most important of all is the hope of eternal life that comes through our Lord Jesus Christ. Deborah has built 5 churches in the Lioma area, and more beyond. Pastors have been supported through Bible College, to preach the gospel, and to disciple all ages through the Word of God.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada has partnered with the PAG (Kenya) Church since 1985, to support Deborah in improving the medical and educational services in Lioma, but also to bring the gospel to every remote area of Turkana, until all have hears the message of hope in God’s love for them.