ONE Life Changed

ONE Life Changed

Elaine Priest experienced the life transforming power of Christ 63 years ago because two Canadians responded to God’s call to share the Good News in a faraway land. 

In 1956, Elaine was living in a small bush town in Fort Victoria, Rhodesia, when she bumped into the two sisters at a local tea room. She was working as a server and they befriended her, unashamedly talking about their faith in Jesus. 

Jean and Marion Bolton were global workers with the PAOC. 

They warmly cared for Elaine in practical ways, especially when she was hospitalized with appendicitis. Jean and Marion invited Elaine to study the Bible together and she decided to follow Jesus. 


“We are a community which God gathers by the Holy Spirit to be His own people and to be sent into the world to announce and live out the message of the King, who is the Lord Jesus.”

Peter Kuzmic, 1999

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On May 29, 2019, Elaine, now a lovely 82-year-old, shared how she is forever grateful to God for sending Jean and Marion to her small town. 

Elaine moved to North America from Bulawayo Zimbabwe with her young family in 1984. God provided this single mother of three beautiful daughters (Sherilyn, Brenda, and Judy) an opportunity to work at Times Square Church with David Wilkerson. For 18 years she corresponded with his listeners, offering prayers and godly counsel, leading many to a personal faith in Christ. 

Marion and Jean Bolton served God faithfully in Rhodesia, South Africa, now called Zimbabwe (1954-1961), in Bangkok, Thailand (1961-1967, 1970) in Nicaragua (1968-1969), in Papua New Guinea (1976-1979). In 1995, they went to Bogota, Columbia at age 70 and 68 to work with street children.