The Influence of ONE

The Influence of ONE

Back in 1974, Helen MacMinn responded to an invitation from Arn Bowler to offer administrative support at the Evangel Publishing House in Nyang’ori, Kenya. Additionally, she provided ministry on weekends in churches – organizing youth outreaches, Sunday School teacher training, and a Bible study group with nurses.

After several years of working at the publishing house, Helen sensed God was calling her to take a step of faith and leave administrative duties to launch into leadership training. Burdened for the hundreds of pastors, Helen formed the Regional Bible Training program for the national Pentecostal Assemblies of God church. She developed a basic curriculum and then formed teams of teachers in centers all over Kenya.

Marilyn Bush first joined Helen’s team in Malindi, then in Mombasa and the wider coastal region. The program was an instant success, and enrollment soared throughout the next years to 2,500 students.

In 2007, Helen transferred to Nairobi to form a similar program for Pan Africa Christian University. The Transformational Church Leadership (TCL) program offered 21 courses in certificate and diploma levels. With almost 10,000 students enrolled, Helen began dreaming of a French version of TCL throughout francophone Africa (Stephen Chaloner, 2017).


The Timothy Fund

Ten years ago, Dr. Irving Whitt established the Timothy Fund Scholarship program, providing tuition support for high-capacity leaders as they pursue formal ministry training.

Since 2009, 1,505 students have benefited from the program.

The goal for 2019: 170 scholarships.

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